Empowering Ohioans to reduce their utility costs.

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Our Goal

The goal of PowerHouse Ohio is to empower low-income renters and property owners by providing them with the necessary supplies and knowledge to reduce their utility bills and improve their living conditions. PowerHouse Ohio does this through two means: the distribution of weatherization kits and hosting educational community events. Each weatherization kit consists of a variety of low-cost, high-impact supplies such as weatherstripping tape, caulk, and window insulation. These products are intended to minimize air leaks within a home and increase energy efficiency, thus increasing comfort and lowering utility bill costs. Each kit also contains an instruction manual to educate residents on how to properly use these supplies. Additionally, PowerHouse Ohio partners with local community houses, such as the St. Stephens, Central, and Gladden Community Houses, and local non-profits, such as ModCon Living and the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, to host educational community events. These events cover topics such as how to read a utility bill and simple home maintenance tutorials.


Our work

We provide weatherization kits to help people conserve energy and save on their utility bills. These kits provide basic tools that can be used to increase the energy efficiency of homes.


We are working with a variety of orgainizations in the Columbus area including:

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